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Head Teacher, 


“The most rewarding thing about kindergarten teaching is the relationships built with children and their families. Watching children become competent and confident learners and make discoveries about the world around them.That’s why I’ve stayed with Kidsfirst for 20 years – it’s the children and the families.”






More than 20 years on, Lyndell Turner is still enjoying the daily challenges that come from a career built at Kidsfirst. With no two days the same, she’s constantly learning and experiencing new things.



“When you work with children it never gets boring – my role as a Head Teacher has stretched me more than ever and has meant I’m continuing to develop and grow, both personally and as a professional.”


“It’s been great to see the organisation go through many changes to ultimately become the respected and professional icon it is today.” Lyndell still remembers why she was first attracted to Kidsfirst all those years ago – and believes these qualities hold true today.


“I wanted to work at Kidsfirst because I liked working with children and wanted a job I enjoyed doing. I value the philosophy of kindergarten and the professionalism that comes from working within a team where everyone is a registered and fully qualified teacher.”


“A kindergarten education gives every child an opportunity to learn. It’s important to me that Kidsfirst is not for profit, which means all the money and effort goes into educating our children.”


For Lyndell, the indoor/outdoor nature of her job is a real benefit. “I just didn’t want to spend my working life stuck behind a desk. Even in the middle of winter on those raw, frosty days I love rugging up warm and being outside.”


She also loves that Kidsfirst offers her many different career opportunities, all within the same organisation. “I’ve worked at a number of different kindergartens, but had one employer.” Perceptions of kindergarten teaching have changed over the years as the profession has evolved. “Over the years it’s been fantastic to see kindergarten teaching grow as a respected profession – and Kidsfirst’s new branding and marketing really helps to bring awareness to the work we do.”


Since beginning her career Lyndell has relished the opportunity to help shape the organisation and early childhood education. “I’ve been involved in many different things since I’ve been at Kidsfirst – such as helping to develop the new branding and marketing materials.”


“Kidsfirst do things right – initiatives like the introduction of laptops into every kindergarten mean Kidsfirst continues to remain relevant and a leader within early childhood education.”


Lyndell believe that parents recognise the Kidsfirst difference too. “The connections we have with our children and their families is unique to Kidsfirst. Parents make a choice to be a part of our family and I really value the educational partnership we have with whanau - they get involved and help.”



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