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Date of application:
Full name: *
Preferred name:
Address: *
City: *
Postal code:
Mobile phone:
ECE Qualification/s including year gained and from which institution: *
EC Registration No: *
EC expiry date: *
EC registration category:
Current first aid certificate? (please note this is compulsory for employment)
First Aid Certificate expiry date:
Current placement (if application):

Please note: we must sight the originals of all the above documentation, including transcripts if your qualification does not state ECE, and marriage certificate if any documentation is in your married name.

I can start work on (date): *
I can relieve in the following roles (please tick all that apply):
I will travel to (please tick those that apply):
If you ticked selected kindergartens/areas only, please detail:
Please tick boxes that apply to days/times you would be available:
If you can only work selected days of the week, which days of the week can you work?

If you ticked that you were avaiilable for short and/or long term relieving, please answer the following 2 questions regarding the hours of work for short / long term relieving:

What is the maximum number of hours you could work in a longer term relieving role per week i.e., 40 hours
Please describe your preferred hours of work for a longer term relieving position, including the number of hours per week.
What is your reason for applying to Kidsfirst Kindergartens? *

What are your teaching strengths / skills and interests in the following areas:

Curriculum implementation / your own area of strength:
Working with families:
Language(s) in which you can carry on a conversation:
Working in a team:
Please detail any recent relevant professional development you have undertaken:
Please detail any recent relevant experience you have:
Please provide any other information which you feel is relevant:
Professional Referees:

You must list 3 persons who can be contacted at this time and who can attest to your professional practice.

Referee 1: (Please provide full name, relationship to you, phone number and email address): *
Referee 2: (Please provide full name, relationship to you, phone number and email address): *
Referee 3: (Please provide full name, relationship to you, phone number and email address):
Please provide a chronological work history covering at least the last 5 years (to satisfy the requirements of safety checking for the Children's Act). If you have not been working please account for your time. *

Ready to submit? Double check everything is in order


We can’t process incomplete or invalid applications, so please ensure you have read the application information and FAQs here, and that you:

Have an ECE qualification, current practising certificate and current first aid certificate


Have completed the right application form 


Understand  that If you are appointed to a permanent kindergarten role, you may be required to work over term breaks if the hours of operation change


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