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Frequently asked questions, faqs


Please see current vacancies page for any roles that are being advertised at this time with Kidsfirst Kindergartens


You can find our application form in the menu up the top so you can gain an understanding of the type of information you may be required to supply when a vacancy is advertised.  We require a completed application form and up to three (3) referee reports on the prescribed forms (these referee reports can be held for up to 12 months and used again if the referee agrees).

All documentation including the required application form
and any referee reports must be submitted online and arrive by the closing time and date.


If you would like to work on the documents prior to submitting them on line, you are able to download a writeable PDF Application Form and Referee Form here (click on the hyperlink).  Please ensure however that you then copy the information into the online form for submission.


Please note that all permanent appointments to kindergarten roles will be made on the understanding and agreement, that if the operation of the kindergarten were to change to be open during term break, the appointee would be required to work.


It is also a requirement for permanent appointment that you hold an ECE qualification, current practicing certificate and current first aid certificate.


No late applications or documentation will be accepted
as paperwork is distributed to the panel
immediately after closing.



Applying for Relieving Positions:


We're always on the lookout for talented relieving teachers to join our wonderful team of day to day relievers. 



So, What does relieving for Kidsfirst look like?


Day to day relieving typically starts from 8.00/8.15am in our services and ends at 3.00/3.15pm for a full day of relieving, with some part day morning, afternoon and lunch cover sessions as well. 

Relievers are individually contacted from 6.45am each day and matched to a specific relieving job meeting their needs and ours.


Why do our teachers love relieving?


The first placement I felt like I was a new student walking up the path. Very nervous and apprehensive. How would I get through the day? Would the staff be welcoming ? Would the children respond to me? Would I know what to do??? Each day of relieving has been a new adventure. I feel renewed and revitalised. I have really enjoyed experiencing different learning environments, I have gained different insights and in turn feel I have made a positive contribution. Teachers have been very professional and welcoming. Children and their families have been friendly and responsive. Exciting learning opportunities and support are being provided for children and their whānau at the places I have been lucky enough to have worked at.  My work/life balance is perfect!  - Rayleen McAuliffe, day to day relieving teacher


We're currently looking for relievers with open availability across the 5 day working week. If you think relieving is for you, please complete our Relieving Teacher Application today!


Where do I find job descriptions?

Job descriptions for each role will be available when the vacancy goes live on our website - look for the orange Job Description. 


Are there specific application and referee forms?

All applications for advertised vacancies and referee forms must be submitted using an official application form. Access all our forms here.


If you want to work on your application before you fill out the online form, you can access the writable PDF here. You will still need to copy this into the online form to submit your application.


Can I apply now or do I have to wait for a vacancy to be advertised?

If you would like to work on your form before submitting it or get started before a vacancy becomes available, you can access a writable PDF to work on - you will still need to copy this into the online form for submitting. If you know the vacancy number (possibly through email correspondence) there is nothing to stop you applying now, however apart from an automatic response through the online system, we will not process your application until the vacancy opens.


What if I want to send additional information?

You can send additional information to support your application via email to careers@kidsfirst.org.nz or to our Head Office, addressed to Human Resources, Kidsfirst Kindergartens, PO Box 8089, Christchurch 8440.  This must arrive by the closing time and date.


Please consider whether any extra information will add to your application. There is no necessity to send qualifications or registration at this stage, however you would need to bring these to an interview if you are offered one, and we will need to sight them if you are offered employment.


Can I use previous referee reports?

At the bottom of the form the referee is asked if they wish their report to remain on file so it can be used for future/other vacancies. If they tick yes to this question then we will follow that instruction. If they tick no, then this document will be destroyed at the close of the current vacancy. Please ensure your referees know this.


Additionally, any documentation kept on file for you is kept for 12 months at which point it is destroyed, so if your referee reports are older than 12 months then we will not hold them. If you are unsure whether we hold one on file or if it is current, please call and ask.


Please note that referee documentation gathered for other purposes (i.e., applying to be a relieving teacher) are not collected in the same format and therefore cannot be used for this purpose. If you wish to use the same people they will need to complete our online form also.


Points Positions

Point positions are simply a percentage of a full-time position. So a 0.818 position means 0.818 x 40 hours which equates to approximately 32 and ¾ hours. 


How these hours are made up depends on the position. The larger positions (0.727, 0.818, 0.909) are all morning teachers covering the morning session and then generally covering the lunch breaks of some / all of the other teachers. In addition they would work a number of hours of professional time to fit around this – exactly when is something to be negotiated with the team and Head Teacher in order to ensure your ability to attend team meetings etc.


The smaller positions (0.182, 0.273, 0.364) are either teacher positions specifically to cover while other teachers take a lunch break, or afternoon teacher positions covering the afternoon session only. There are some variations on this, but this is the general concept. Again there is some professional time built into these roles.


The table below provides some more detail regarding the most common combination of hours:


Point position

Contact Hours

Professional Time

Total Paid Hours



25 hours

(work 5 hours each morning)

11 hours & 22 minutes

36 hours & 22 minutes



22 hours & 30 minutes

(work 4.5 hours each morning)

10 hours & 14 minutes

32 hours & 44 minutes



20 Hours

(work 4 hours each morning)

9 hours & 5 minutes

29 hours & 5 minutes



15 Hours

(work 3 hours each day – could be morning or afternoon)

6 hours & 49 minutes

21 hours & 49 minutes



10 Hours

(work 2 hours each day)

4 hours & 33 minutes

14 hours & 33 minutes



7 Hours & 30 minutes

(work 2.5 hours each day)

3 hours & 25 minutes

10 hours & 55 minutes



5 Hours

(work 1 hour each day)

2 hours & 16 minutes

7 hours & 16 minutes



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