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Date of application:
Full name: *
Preferred name:
Address: *
City: *
Postal code:
Mobile phone:
ECE Qualification/s including year gained and from which institution: *
EC Registration No: *
EC expiry date: *
EC registration category:
Current first aid certificate? (please note this is compulsory for employment)
First Aid Certificate expiry date:
Current placement (if application):

Please note: we must sight the originals of all the above documentation, including transcripts if your qualification does not state ECE, and marriage certificate if any documentation is in your married name.

I can start work on (date): *
I can relieve in the following roles (please tick all that apply):
I will travel to (please tick those that apply):
If you ticked selected kindergartens/areas only, please detail:
Please tick boxes that apply to days/times you would be available:
If you can only work selected days of the week, which days of the week can you work?

If you ticked that you were avaiilable for short and/or long term relieving, please answer the following 2 questions regarding the hours of work for short / long term relieving:

What is the maximum number of hours you could work in a longer term relieving role per week i.e., 40 hours
Please describe your preferred hours of work for a longer term relieving position, including the number of hours per week.
What is your reason for applying to Kidsfirst Kindergartens? *

What are your teaching strengths / skills and interests in the following areas:

Curriculum implementation / your own area of strength:
Working with families:
Language(s) in which you can carry on a conversation:
Working in a team:
Please detail any recent relevant professional development you have undertaken:
Please detail any recent relevant experience you have:
Please provide any other information which you feel is relevant:
Professional Referees:

You must list 3 persons who can be contacted at this time and who can attest to your professional practice.

Referee 1: (Please provide full name, relationship to you, phone number and email address): *
Referee 2: (Please provide full name, relationship to you, phone number and email address): *
Referee 3: (Please provide full name, relationship to you, phone number and email address):
Please provide a chronological work history covering at least the last 5 years (to satisfy the requirements of safety checking for the Children's Act). If you have not been working please account for your time. *

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